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Personalized Dog Beds

How to Find the Right Dog Bed

For most dogs the standard bed works great, but if your dog has specific needs check out the different options discussed below.

Finding the right dog bed for your canine companion can be difficult. Sure, it sounds easy, but walk into the pet store and you’ll find that finding the right large dog bed isn’t as simple of a task as you would have thought. Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the appropriate bed for your dog can be a tricky endeavor.

How to Find the Right Dog Bed Blog

All dog beds come in some basic styles and types

Pillow-type beds are the most common type of large dog beds, and most often are shaped either circular or rectangular. Pillow beds often come with a removable cover that can be washed, with the inside “fluff” of the bed consisting of standard stuffing, foam, or cedar. While all of these types of padding provide excellent comfort, cedar is especially useful for use outdoors, as it is a natural flea repellent, and gives off a pleasant, natural scent. Dogs that like to sleep stretched out tend to like these types of bed, as they allow them to spread out fully while sleeping and resting.

Doghnut Dog Beds

Doughnut dog beds are a very common type of bed for small dogs, but some large dog beds also come in this style. These beds can come in two pieces, such as a low-sided wicker basket with a flat bed inside, or an-all fabric design where the outer portion is padded and built up and the inner circle, or “hole” of the doughnut is padded less, giving the dog a nest to cuddle into. Some dogs prefer these types of beds to all others, especially dogs who tend to like to nest into their beds to feel secure. Many a large dog has tried unsuccessfully to fit into doughnut beds for their much smaller animal siblings, with comical results as the big dog spills out over the sides of the small bed. If you’re dog is a “nester” he or she will appreciate getting a doughnut bed in the right size!

Elevated Dog Beds

Elevated dog beds are a newer type of bed, with many types of construction and design, from miniature couches to suspended hammock-type beds. The idea of these types of beds are to keep older dogs above the cold ground and drafty floor level, also allowing them to get up from laying down more easily, as they are not all the way on the ground. Dogs who have not grown up with this type of bed may take some convincing at first that it’s a safe place for a dog to sleep, but after an introduction, most dogs decide that the strange look is worth the comfort!

How to Find the Right Dog Bed Blog
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Orthopedic dog beds are another type of large dog bed that can be especially useful for big dogs. All dogs, but especially big dogs tend to develop arthritis as they get older, and often experience stiffness or even difficulty getting up after laying down for a long time. Orthopedic dog beds can help to alleviate that stiffness and make it easier for an older dog to get up and moving after resting. Orthopedic dog beds come in many of the common styles of beds that are already available, but utilize more modern types of padding for increased comfort, such as orthopedic mattress foam, gel-foam and even built in heating devices to increase comfort and circulation within the joints.

Choosing the right type of dog bed for a large dog can be confusing at first, but if you carefully match the needs of your dog with his or her preferences and your needs, finding the selecting the right bed for your home can be done easily.

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