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How to Leash Train a Puppy

How to leash train a puppy the right way, can be a challenge to some pet owners. Leash training puppies should be fun, and enjoyable. Remember that your puppy does not understand what a collar, or a leash is. They are foreign objects to your puppy. So don’t have high expectations of your puppy.

Leash training a puppy in some cases takes longer then others. Some puppies pick up on leash training right away. While other puppies think it’s a fun game. This can make puppy owners very frustrated. Try to keep in mind that a puppy is a baby to them everything is a game.

When leash training a puppy, introduce the collar first. Keep the collar on inside so the puppy can get use to it. After a while your puppy will forget it has a collar on. Next introduce the leash. This can be tough, most puppies think a leash is just another chew toy. Expect your puppy to want to chew on the long leash. To prevent chewing on the leash use puppy training treats. When the puppy has the leash on and stays calm, reward your puppy with a treat.

How to Leash Train a Puppy Blog
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Leash training takes practice. The more you practice leash training with your puppy. The more your puppy will be exposed to the routine. Your puppy in time will realize that when he sees the leash it’s time for exercise. When using treats along with the leash your puppy will understand it is a positive reward. You will not always need the treats. Just until your puppy is leash trained.

When leash training your puppy start with small increments of time. Just 20 minutes once, or twice a day will be perfect at first. Do not give your puppy to much lead on the leash. Your puppy should be walking by your side. Not in front of you or behind you. If your puppy pulls you on a leash, you should stop. Stop and don’t move, your puppy will realize that pulling will get him no where. If the puppy keeps pulling turn, and walk in the opposite direction, this will teach your puppy to follow your lead. Practice makes perfect so be consistent. Pulling on a leash can cause your puppy lots of pain and serious injury. Find a harness or a gentle leader while leash training a puppy.

How to Leash Train a Puppy Blog
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Leash training a puppy starts the moment the leash is on your puppy. You must have your puppy sitting patiently before you open the door. Reward your puppy with a treat when he sits patiently. When you open the door, you must walk out the door first. This is so important do not skip this step. If you ignore this step, and your puppy walks through the door first. You just made it clear to your puppy that he is leading you on the walk. You are the leader and must take leadership on your walks or your puppy will be walking you.

Leash training a puppy should also consist of commands. So before you cross a street, even if there are no cars driving by. Ask your puppy to sit before crossing. Be consistent with this. As puppies grow into adult dogs their size and strength can dominate use. We need to have control. Teaching your puppy to sit before crossing the street will help give you control. You don’t want your large dog to pull you across a busy street one day. It could injure you, your dog, and others. So gain control with using simple commands while leash training your puppy.

Remember while leash training your puppy be patient. Your puppy is not perfect. So don’t expect every walk to be perfect. When your puppy is distracted on a leash redirect your puppy. Practice, consistency, and patients is everything when leash training your puppy.

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